Davida L.

Last year, in September 2020, I fell and injured myself. I was diagnosed with a concussion. IT CHANGED MY LIFE! Although I had heard the term concussion I knew nothing about it. Therefore, I did not know what to expect from this injury.

My symptoms began to get worse, and my life was turned upside down. Everything was different. The way I walked, the way I talked, the way I thought, my sleep pattern, the way I interacted with people, all was different than what I was accustomed to. It was a scary situation and very confusing because no one was giving me the right answers or helping me. That is until I began physical therapy and met Eric Deakins. When I began physical therapy I had very low self-esteem and thrive. The tears began to flow and I began telling him exactly how I didn't feel like myself. I was depressed, had daily crushing headaches, blurred vision, extreme bouts of dizziness and nausea. I FELT LIKE LITERALLY GIVING UP ON EVERYTHING! I had no hope of getting better.

From that moment on, Eric promised me that he would help me and that I would get better. Eric is truly a man of his word. He worked with me for two months. During that time he always made himself readily available for any questions or concerns I had. He explained what to expect, what to pay attention to, and what to do to better my situation.

I can write a book about Eric Deakin, and his expertise in not only concussions but also HUMANITY. He helped me to regain the ability to walk, talk, think, and how to regain positive relationships. He taught me to hope again, to love myself again, and most of all to smile again.

I am now back at work and in the process of starting a business.

Thank you, Eric.