Paul D.

I found Eric Deakins through a friend of mine who had seen a number of doctors and therapists and had given up on playing golf. He had not played golf for over a year until he saw Eric who had him playing golf in three months. When my doctor told me to see a therapist for my knee, I called my friend and asked for the name of the therapist who was able to get him playing golf again. I called Eric and explained to him about my knee and also told him about some back issues I was having. He worked on both of them through therapy and after the first couple of visits, I could feel a difference. In a couple of months, I was playing golf pain-free for the first time in over a year. I have told my friends about him and if they should ever need someone, I highly recommend Eric. Eric's knowledge and approach to therapy make you feel comfortable. Eric also sends you home with a number of exercises to help you as well. I know if I should ever need any therapy in the future, I will go to Eric. Now if he can only fix my golf game that would be great. LOL.